Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Research Conference, Intramurals, Standing, Etc

Hailey is growing quickly. She is already 3 months old and has accomplished some developmental feats. She can roll over on a a bed (and almost has the floor mastered, but not quite), she smiles, and seems to recognize Mom and Dad's voices from other voices, and most recently, she laughs when tickled (if she's in the mood).

Hailey lifting her head
Hailey in here jumping toy. She is strong enough that she can stand, jump or swing.

Visit Friends and Family
On President's Day we met the Shorts, Bruce's friend from the mission and his wife in Salt Lake. We dressed Hailey in her Sao Paulo soccer outfit that we bought when we were in Brazil, and in her Brazilian sandal which were given to us as a gift. After lunch with the Shorts we went to Layton to visit Grandma Waite. We forgot to get pictures of Grandma and Hailey, but we were able to see Sue and the girls, and Paul while we were there.
Hailey in her Brazilian soccer outfit.

Hailey in the "butt up" position, attempting to roll over. She gets in this position, then wiggles a lot, and when she's lucky and her arm isn't blocking her path she rolls.

Conference, Swimming, Laughing
I presented at a research conference in Cedar City, UT on February 26 and Bruce and Hailey were able to join me at the conference. We stayed at a hotel the night before the conference and Hailey went swimming for the first time ever! She loves the water and even tolerated our splashing. It's fun to watch her face light-up as she kicks and moves in the water.

My poster looked good and the conference was interesting.
Rachel and her poster at the conference

Bruce in the lab as a subject

Bruce using the Purdue Pegboard

Bruce doing to grip strength test

After the conference we stopped at a sporting goods store and while I was trying on shoes Bruce was trying to clean Hailey's double chin when without warning, she started laughing. We were so amused that we tickled her over and over. She doesn't laugh every time we try to tickle her now, but on an occasion you get a cute giggle and or an burst of laughter as a reward for the effort.

Standing Hailey

Hailey has gone to class with me a few times when Bruce has a group project and on Monday one of my classmates took this video of Hailey Bailey in the Museum of Art on campus. She's standing on my lap, so content to just watch people and pictures and to move her arms and legs.

I finished a project for my ceramics class. The pots shown are for a "Somewhere You've Never Visited in Provo" project. We chose a location we'd never visited and made a ceramic object somehow related. I chose the Farmer's Market, so each pot represents a food.

Other classes are going well for me- interesting but not too overwhelming- as is training for the half marathon. I will be running the Provo City Half on May 1.

Bruce is also doing well. His classes continue to be challenging, but interesting. He is on the ward intramural basketball team, and plays in the morning with some guys from the ward 3 times a week. He also looks forward to intramural football which will be start in a week or two.

The water polo team we both play on has had a good season thus far. Bruce and I are both pretty good players. I'm a strong swimming so I maneuver in the tube well, and have an ok shot (Bruce had to take me in the parking lot to give a few lessons, but they seem to have helped). Bruce compensates for any lack of swimming with overall strength, and a powerful throw, so overall we both contribute and have fun. Hailey watched or sleeps on deck.

Business Venture
Final item of interest: Bruce and I are starting a small, home-based party rental company. This week we acquired a popcorn machine, a cotton candy machine, and will have an ice shaver by end of week. We plan to rent the equipment to schools and individuals in the Utah Valley area and hope to make the endeavor profitable. Feel free to view the website Bruce is designing, and rent the equipment if you live in the area. http://brucesommerfeldt.com/party.htm