Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sommerfeldt Reunion

In June we drove to Colorado and visited the Waite's for a few days before going to the Sommerfeldt reunion in Park City, Utah.
We stayed in some condos in Park City for nearly a week. Scott and Lisa had chosen the housing arrangements and planned the events for the trip. It was a reunion for the Theron and Delores Sommerfeldt family so many of Bruce's cousins, aunts, and uncles were there. Some of our activities included swimming in the condo pool, hiking, watching fireworks, stand up paddle boarding, and game in the condos.
On the 4th of July we went watched the fireworks in Park City.

Uncle Ben bought glow sticks and shared them with all the kids. Hailey loved her glow bracelet and necklace.

To commemorate the gathering, we took family pictures. Grandma Lisa bought all the grand-girls matching dresses.

Theron and Delores Sommerfeldt at the reunion.

One day we went hiking. Hailey hike nearly the whole time, McKayla was carried nearly the whole time. And the view was pleasant.

Hailey loved spending time with her cousins during free time and the hike.

At the bottom on the mountain was a ski lift. The kids rested on it while they waited for everyone else to get down the mountain.

One afternoon we rented stand up paddle boards and went to Jordanelle State Park.

We had four boards and took turns. One game we played was "chicken." Where you try to tip or push other people off their boards.

Everyone enjoyed the paddle boards. Even Hailey and some of the other kids rode with an adult on the board. It was much easier on your knees.

Some of the extended family joined us at the lake and everyone enjoyed swimming and relaxing on the beach.

Sunday morning we got ready for church and attended a ward in Park City.

And after a fun trip, the McKayla relaxed, played iPad, and watched movies during the long drive home.

Hailey also played with toys, the iPad and Kindle, and watched movies, but when they got boring, the best option was sleep.

Pet Store Feild Trip

Hailey and McKayla watching the animals at the pet store.


A little handful of jam is the perfect post-pet store snack.
One day we took a family field trip to the pet store. The pet store had birds, reptiles, fish, and rodents, but no dogs or cats. After the field trip we talked about caring for animals and decided to get a pet fish. The following week we went back to the pet store and bought a beta fish. Mom lost interest a few weeks into pet ownership and wanted to get rid of the fish, so when we let for vacation a few months later we gave the fish to a young women in the ward. Hailey thought the young women was going to take care of the fish while we were gone and return it at the end of our trip, so she was distressed when Mom told her that we gave the fish away.