Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bike Accident

Hailey started her first day of school and we've biked to school a few times this week.

One day after we dropped Hailey off, McKayla and I were coming back over the bridge. While on the bridge McKayla yanked her handlebars and ran into a little 2 yr old Asian girl, by accident. The girl was pushed off the sidewalk into the road. She was safe (no cars), but startled. The Asian mom was quiet upset. I apologized and apologized but it didn't really help. At the same time I'm trying to calm Asian mom down, McKayla is losing it. It was as scary for her and she emotionally lost it so I had to carry McKayla's bike and push mine over the bridge as I tearfully apologize to Asian mom one final time. Hope I never see her again.... too bad the likelihood of that is slim. In the end McKayla and I both recovered and we just walk our bikes over the bridge now.