Friday, July 30, 2010

Scott's Shed

Scott decided to build a shed for bikes, lawn equipment, etc. One Saturday we helped spread concrete, and another we helped build and secure some walls.

Pouring concrete

Spreading concrete

Raising the wall

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hailey Walks Along Furniture

Hailey's Newest Skills
Hailey loves walking along the furniture or with help from any extended hand. I bought her a push walker toy which folds down into a bike. She cannot direct it very well and gets frustrated when she walked it into an obstruction, but it entertains her for a few minutes.

She recognizes and prefers her parents over other adults, and gets excited every time she sees another baby or toddler.
She has the most adorable laugh and makes these deep, gasping squeals.

Bruce and I decided that we will do an Olympic triathlon at the end of September in St. George, Ut. We've enjoyed the diversity in the training and are excited for race day.

Kevin and Laurel Visit 
Kevin and Laurel came to visit. Hailey enjoyed the company of Claire.
Hailey and Claire on Grandma's swing


Monday, July 5, 2010

McCall, Idaho, Sommerfeldt Reunion

Scott's family have a reunion every few years. This year they met at McCall, Idaho over July 4th. We enjoyed the time together, and the chance for me to meet some of Bruce's cousins.

Scott and Lisa and their children all went canoeing. It was fun, and when we got to a cove area we all took turns jumping in. We didn't want everyone to get their clothes wet, so we traded clothes and took turns jumping. Hailey slept in the bottom of the canoe during the outing.

We also went to a hot springs in McCall.