Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas in the South

We enjoyed our second Christmas in Katy, TX. We spent time as a family and with the extended family who live in Katy. We participated in some of the traditional Christmas events including a visit with Santa, choosing and decorating the tree, make and deliver Christmas treats, and parties.

The girls visited Santa at the ward Christmas party. Hailey was tenative but climbed up without coaxing. 

McKayla decided sitting on Santa's lap was not an important part of the visit, particularly since she still got the candy cane. :) Emily didn't want anything to do with him, bu would sit on my lap,,,, so long as she had her fingers to keep her comfortable.

One day while the older girls were at preschool, Emily and I went to Home Depot. Emily found a shiny tree that was just her size. She loved it!

Christmas day brought many gifts The girls enjoyed using many of them, including the do-a-dot markers and glitter pens from Grandmas and Grandpa Waite.

Emily's favorite part of the day, beside ripping paper off presents, was ice cream in homemade waffle cones. 

A friend in our ward introduced us to homemade waffle cones when he invited us for waffle cones at his house. We loved them and asked for a waffle cone iron. Scott and Lisa gave us one, so we enjoyed warm cones and cold ice cream. Perfect for our 75 degree Texan Christmas.

The whole family enjoyed ice cream!

We went to the green speace near our house to try out some of the new toys. Bruce flew his quad copter and the girls drove their remote control cars.

Because there is especially plesant weather around Christmas, when my littler entrupanuers asked if they could have a lemonade stand, I agreed. With further discussion, they decieded to do a hot chocolate stand (keep the Christmas mood).  They sold several cups to neighbors and passerbys.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Tired Girls

For some reason, Bruce loves it when we fall asleep in odd places or positions. Here are some featured places and positions of 2014:
 There were "Two in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over.."- March 2014

McKayla in Claire's bed, missing the shirt she had when she was tucked in. -April 2014
 McKayla- May 2014

 Hailey- May 2014

 Emily at church- June 2014

 McKayla in Mom & Dad's bed- July 2014

Emily in Mom & Dad's bed, rubbing her belly button (one of her favorite pastimes)- August 2014

Rachel "writing a lesson." -Nov 2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014


These girls love doing art!

Hailey December 21, 2014

McKayla December 21, 2014

Emily's not invited for painting, but it doesn't stop her from eating bottles of food coloring!

Emily covered in green food coloring. August 5, 2014
Food coloring doesn't wash off...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Family Photos Nov 2014

Family Photos
We took family pictures for the Christmas card. Here's the preview:

Saturday, December 6, 2014

McKayla Birthday

McKayla turned 3 on December 5!
She also got an American Girl doll and a trampoline.
She LOVES the trampoline! She goes out to jump several times a day. It's good she's found an outlet for some of her energy.

McKayla had a Spiderman birthday party on her birthday. They made spider webs, built a building for Spiderman to climb, and played pin the tail on the donkey.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hailey's Birthday

Hailey turned 5!

On her birthday she chose a special birthday breakfast of crepes. McKayla gave her a light-up squishy ball. We gave her a soccer net and an American Girl Doll. We had lasagna for dinner.

She had a Frozen themed birthday party the next weekend. At the party they decorated snowflakes and made Frozen silly putty, played pin the nose of Olaf, and ate cupcakes.