Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back in Utah


Hailey wearing her sunglasses.

We left Texas in mid-late March, drove 16 hours to Colorado. We stayed one night with Ben and Michelle, and another 2 days with the Waite’s before continuing to Utah. We went swimming with Michelle and her kids, and toured the Budweiser Plant in Fort Collins, CO with the Waite’s. We then drove 8 hours to Utah.

Bruce does not start classes for a few more weeks, so we’ve enjoyed spending most of every day together. We have been aerating and mowing lawns, and working on other projects.


The first project we completed in Utah was a headboard for our bed. We designed and built the headboard ourselves. It’s made of oak and looks great on our bed! Thanks to my Mom and Dad for funding the project.


A few years ago we found a free desk on craigslist. It’s a large, heavy desk, and has been great, but also had some cosmetic imperfections. We sanded and refinished the desk.


Hailey loves playing with her friends in the ward and might learn to share, someday. She wants to do whatever Mom and Dad do, so she has become a Cricut cutter expert, a master dishwasher, and an outdoor enthusiast. This will be her first week in Nursery at church. We are all so excited!

Oh, and Hailey got a new onsie. We made it for her with my Cricut and some acrylic paint. It says, “Big Sister Dec 2011,” yes, that is an announcement.


School & Work

Bruce accepted the job offer from Ernst & Young in the Houston office. Bruce will begin work in 2012 after he graduates.

Bruce will start another semester at BYU in a few weeks and will go to school every term until April 2012.