Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Usual

This last week was mostly the usual: I mowed , cleaned house, and wrote an abstract for the research project I did last year to submit to a conference.
Bruce worked and went to school.

Big Event Include:
Cami's Wedding
I attended my cousin Cami's wedding in Twin Falls, Idaho. I drove to Twin Falls early Saturday morning, attended the ceremony, and drove home shortly after. Congrats to Cami and

We have been doing a few Halloween activities. We decorated pumpkin cookies and bought Hailey a Halloween outfit.We will decorate pumpkins for Family Home Evening on Monday.

Hailey. 10 months old.

Hailey's first hair do.

Hailey walking out of her bedroom
Hailey getting some hairspray out of the bathroom cabinet. It's her favorite bottle in the whole cupboard to carry around.

You have to love that sweater!

She loves her oatmeal- every morning's a mess!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Internship, Etc

Our Family. September 2010.

Future Work
Bruce was called back for second interviews from 3 accounting firms: Ernst and Young, Deloitte, and Grant Thornton. He will fly to Houston three times in the next month for the interviews. When he has finished interviewing, he will decide where he would like to do an internship, and assuming that goes well, he will be offered a job. We hope to do a winter internship, which would be from January until mid March.

Besides interviewing for future jobs, Bruce has been busy with school and work. He is taking master level courses this year and the coursework has been more demanding than he anticipated. The order classes are taken was changed this year, so some of the classes have not adapted the course load for the change. The result is lots of work. Bruce is working for a small book keeping business. He assists with the accounting for local, small businesses. It has been challenging to find time for play between the demands of school and work.

With Bruce preoccupied with other work, I have been mowing a few lawns for Lawn-O-Matic. John has been mowing the majority but will be leaving on a mission, so I will mow all the lawns for a few weeks.

Rachel & Hailey
In addition to mowing, Hailey and I have enjoyed a few projects, the ongoing demands of an apartment, and playgroup. A few sisters in our ward get together a few times a week for play group. On Tuesday we do an activity and on Thursday we go to the library for Toddler story time. Hailey likes to be around the other kids, though she doesn't "play" with them. She has not been too violent, but does occasionally pull hair, or take things from the other kids. It's cute how fascinated she is with everything around her.

Around the House
She loves helping around the house by emptying the kitchen drawers, the bathroom cupboards, and anything else that she can get into. If she can't take something out of it, she helps by climbing into it.
Hailey in Scott and Lisa's dishwasher.
She loves playing outside, but will not venture down the step from our apartment to the landing. She gets frustrated and will make a fuss when I am outside and she wants to come, but must first get down the step. Cute.


Hailey's first taste of chocolate ice cream on August 27, 2010

The chocolate mustache is evidence of her approval.

Sharing Dad's ice cream, and Mom's water jug.

Messy, messy!


She loves to take bathes, and eat food. Eating usually results in a bath!

Hailey eating a bran muffin from the floor after dinner. Really, we do feed her!