Tuesday, September 4, 2012


There have a lot of adventures and changes recently.

Over Labor Day weekend Bruce had Friday and Monday off. We had planned to go to the beach on Friday but there was a chance for rain due to Hurricane Issac, so we postponed until Monday. On Friday we
Monday we loved the beach. It was a hot, sunny day. Bruce and I bought 2 body boards to ride the waves, but the beaches near Houston have small wave (because the ocean floor does not drop off for something like 8 miles off the coast). Without significant waves we didn't do much actual body  boarding but enjoyed trying to catch the waves. It was great to have Kevin and Laurel with us. We took turns watching kids and going out on the body boards.
Hailey and Claire played in the sand, ran in and out of the water, and collected sea shells. Hailey became comfortable with the beach and did a little wandering while Bruce and I were out on the body boards. As Kevin and Laurel retold it, a man came asking if they were missing a little girl. Kevin and Laurel say no because they had accounted for all the children a few minutes before, did a double check after the questioning, and realized Hailey was gone. She didn't even know that she was four tents from home because she was "looking for Claire." McKayla also enjoyed the beach. I took the front pack (Baby Bjorn) and she rode in the front pack while I hold Hailey's hands (the waves would tip her over every time I released one hand) in the water. She also liked eating sand. Th to cool off. The water was warm and a refreshing way I applied sunscreen twice and still had a good burn the next day. The rest of the family also had some color.
The most dramatic event of the day was an animal attack: Kevin was coming in from body boarding, walking in the water a short distance from shore when he felt a pain in his heel. When he got out of the water his ankle was bleeding significantly. He was likely stung by a sting ray. He was in quite a bit of pain so we went home shortly thereafter.

Saturday the bishop called to see if he could come visit to get to know us better. He did stop by and we had a good chat. He also called me to be the Beehive Adviser, so I'll be working with the 12-13 year old girls. I'm excited. The bishop said he doesn't usually give calling until your address in in the ward (while we're living with Kevin and Laurel we're in the Katy 1st ward boundaries. When we move into our house we'll be in the Westlake Ward), but the Young Women Presidency was being reorganized and the president said that I was the person for the job. It's notable not only for the location issue, but also because the president and I had never met. It was fun to meet some of the girls Sunday and even more fun to chat with them at the activity on Wednesday.

Wednesday we made stuffed pumpkins from fabric. It inspired Laurel and I so the next day we made our own decorative stuffed fabric pumpkins.They kind of look like this. I loved them but then Bruce said he didn't love them so now I just like them.

Last week we drove by the house and the lawn had grown into a forest. We asked the home owner if we could mow the lawn and went to Home Depot to buy a lawn mower. A Toro Personal Pace lawn mower was on end of season sale and reconditioned, so further discounted. We bought our $400 mower for $200! So exciting. I just LOVE a good deal. Bruce mowed the front Monday night but we ran out of daylight so Tuesday I rode my bike to the house (4 miles) with the girls in the bike cart to mow the back. It was so long that it still looked terrible. Saturday we mowed again, edged, trimmed, pruned, and weeded. It looks pretty good.

Thursday afternoon Bruce got word that he would be traveling for work the week of Sunday, September 23- Friday, September 28. He leaves Sunday night and will return late Friday night... We were scheduled to close on the 28th. We couldn't do it as planned if Bruce is gone, so we started calling to find other options. The best option was to close the 21st so we check to see if the loan would be ready then. The loan officer said they can have the paperwork for the loan ready for Friday, September 21 so we'll be closing on our house on September 21, 2012!

It's weird. So far it's been "We're closing someday, just get comfortable and wait it out." But now it's, "We're closing in 7...6...5... days." There is so much to do. I need to get the kitchen table sanded, stained, and varnished. I need to repack some boxes. I need to... well, that might be all and it's not really that much, but it seems like it crept up on us.

Today we went to the train park. The kids enjoyed it, and I enjoyed a game or two of tag and hide-and-k. When we got home Hailey was tired and a little irritable. She and Claire were arguing so I told Hailey she could be happy downstairs or find somewhere else to cry. I was making sugared almonds, so when the crying stopped I forgot about the incident. About 15-30 min later Claire went looking for Hailey. I realized I hadn't seen or hear her recently and went looking. We couldn't find her. I checked the whole house. I checked outside, I got in the car and drove around the neighborhood. She's not known for running, but she does occasionally chase after Dad or Mom when we're leaving, or at the beach she got herself lost while looking for Claire. The biggest problem isn't the running, but the fact that she doesn't know that she's lost when she is lost. Anyway, I can't find her, I've looked every where I can think. Laurel's knocking doors asking the neighbors, another lady starts driving the neighborhood, so I go back inside to do a triple-take. And sure enough I find her....

asleep in the cupboard with the doors closed, and oblivious of her concerned mother. It was a bit of a scare, but funny since we found her.