Saturday, April 4, 2015

Our first Word Games

This one's for you, Dad, because we used to play word games.

Tonight was the very first time my girls and I played games with words. Not a board game or card game, but the kind of game where you say something clever, or try to stump the other person with big words, or rearrange word parts to make something new.
Whereas Hailey's only 5 years old, it was a rudimentary game, but in their voices and their eyes I heard and saw the undeniable joy that comes with the manipulation of words. We we eating dinner when I used a word with the suffix -less. Hailey questioned it, so I explained that -less means without and gave a few examples including homeless. She then said, "What if you were homemore." :) So I explained that it's a different sort of "less" and about compound words. Then she made some jokes by adding -less to other words. McKayla joing in, of course. And Emily laughed like she had joined in. :)

Good times.