Sunday, August 26, 2012

Real Job and Break-In

Last night someone broke into our car and stole our GPS and $40 cash from the coin tray. Jerks. We thought we locked the doors, but there is no sign of a forced entry so we must have forgotten. Some of you are thinking, "Well, if you don't lock your doors, you get what you deserve." and I see your point, but it doesn't change that feel violated. The timing was too bad, we're new to Houston and are still learning how to get around. Thanks a lot punk.

Well, beside the theft we've enjoyed the last few weeks in Houston. Bruce started work last week. He had a few days of introduction to Ernst & Young and spent last week doing auditor training- I guess they think that 4 years of college just wasn't enough. The training is painfully boring- poor guy.

Last week we celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Our anniversary is the same day as our neice and house-mate, Claire Sommerfeldt's birthday, so we celebrated her birthday (complete with Barbie cake and Barbie bookcase doll house) on our anniversary and went out a few nights later. We went to dinner at a Brazilian grill. Arriving was a little stressful for me. It was back in the GPS days, you know,  before our GSP got ripped off, so I was following the GPS in downtown traffic and got forced off the freeway, was already late, etc. I picked Bruce up downtown and we went to dinner. Our tardy arrival was no issue. It was a good dinner- Tucanos style- though the atmosphere and salad bar were a little lacking.

Yesterday Bruce took the Regulation (Tax) CPA exam. Hopefully he'll have a passing score- find out in a few weeks. After his test, he and Hailey went on a daddy- daughter date for lunch and then to the gazebo by our new house to read the book from her kid's meal. She thought it was pretty rad.

We have started attending our new ward. I stayed with Hailey for most of nursery the first week and this week I didn't stay at all. She cried for a few min, but calmed down and enjoyed it overall.

This week the nursery leader called and Hailey will be doing preschool with her son and 3 other kids (5 kids total for the math-challenged). I'll teach once every 5th week. Should be really good for her. I'm excited to get to know some other mom's.

We also went to a play gathering at a splash pad with the ward. It was fun for the kids and will be a good way for me to meet some other people in the ward.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The 2nd Look

Since we won the bid on the home Laurel and I have been planning home layout and decorations. Viewing the home was a little rushed- we only saw the home once before we made and an offer- so we didn't know all the exact dimensions, current room colors, or other details. Tonight we were able to walk through again while the inspector was finishing and we're beginning some real plans. Kevin and Laurel took measurements and matched palette colors to actual wall colors while Bruce and I talked to the inspector. Most of the house is creamy color with the master, one kid bed, and the half bath are a blue-grey. Updates to come.

The inspection went pretty well and the loan paperwork is moving forward. We plan to close on September 28, 2012.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Texas House Hunt

We’re currently looking for a home to buy in Katy, Texas, a suburb West of Houston. Katy is 30-40 minutes from downtown without traffic and as much as an hour or hour and half with rush hour traffic. Bruce’s brother, Kevin lives in Katy, so we lived in Katy for a few months last year. It’s a nice community with houses in our price range. We’re looking for a 4 bedroom, 2300+ sq ft home on a lot that is 6500+ sq ft. We’ve seen a few that we like, but noting that blows us away, so we’re waiting for more homes to go on the market.
It’s hot in Houston. Yesterday we went for a walk and according to the iPhone app, the temperature was 96 degrees, 48% humidity, “feels like 103 degrees.” The kids don’t seem to notice much and I don’t usually mind- once you’re drenched in sweat it’s all the same.

Unpacking the truck went well. Bruce, Laurel, and I did most of it in about 3 hours. Some of the furniture took a beating. Both couches that I recovered have tears from the tie down straps, so I’ll have to partially strip them and recover them. Our other couch has a hold in the back from the scooter muffler rubbing it. I’ll have to try to find material if I ever want the back in the open. I was pretty ticked when I saw it, but I have the fabric for the recovered couches and hopefully it goes quickly.