Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween costumes

We went shopping for Halloween costumes earlier this week. Each girl had thought about what she wanted to be for over a week and Hailey consistently wanted to be a spooky witch and McKayla consistently wanted to be Thomas the train. So shopping went quickly for Hailey- a dress and hat and make a wand at home. We didn't find a Thomas costume  at the second hand store where we were shopping, but I found a spider girl costume. She had tried on a half doZen other costumes and didn't like them, so when she tried on spider girl and liked it I thought I got of easy. McKayla has been requesting a spider man birthday party and always checks out spider man books at the library (though she's never seen the slow), so we were good. Until a few days later when someone asks what she is going to be for Halloween and she says she's going  to be Thomas... 
So today I made Thomas costumes.:)