Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hailey's Developmental Record

Just getting rid of things and found a calendar with the date Hailey first did some things:

January: New things Hailey can do this month: Smile. Stand or play in Johnny Jump Up. Ride in front pack. Crys almost every day after 4 pm.
January 17: First smiled. Smiled at Bruce
February 19: Rolled over in bed (did not repeat)
February 26: laughed when Bruce tickled her under the chin while we were in Cedar City, UT where Rachel presented her undergraduate research
September sometime: walked

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hailey, etc



Hailey is a bundle of energy. She loves spending time outside on walks, at the park, or anywhere that she can run. We are starting to see some strong-will and stubbornness show. These traits are particularly evident in sacrament meeting at church when she would prefer to play with her friend Emma, run down the isles of the church, and climb over the benches. She actively resists being put in her car seat- every time we get in the car, and asks to sit in a "big girl seat."

Her speech has really emerged in the last month or two. She can ask for most things that she wants and what she can't ask for, she just climbs to.

Hailey June 2011 2

Hailey has been able to open doors for a month or two and one morning when I came back from a 6AM run, the front door of the house was open. I don't lock the door when I leave because Bruce is home, and I'm only gone for about a half hour, so I wasn't sure if I left the door open, or if a stranger had opened the house, or if Hailey had opened the door, but I was alarmed and nervous. Thankfully, I found Hailey on the half-asleep on the couch and no strangers lurking in my house. Visions of Hailey wandering outside at 6AM have motivated me to deadbolt the door when I leave the house.

Hailey love going swimming. While we were training for the Kokopelli triathlon we went to the Provo Rec Center pool about twice a week. She loves to play on the steps in the 3-foot deep section, and has recently discovered that she can touch the bottom of the pool. She doesn't much care for it, but she can. She loves to ride the inflatable shark and doesn't like to share with the other kids at the pool. Thankfully she like to play other games in the pool like "Motorboat, Motorboat" and chase- where she hold on the wall and goes hand-over-hand to catch me further down the wall, so we can distract her when it’s time to share the shark. She likes to wear her cap and goggles- sort of. She does like to wear one of my old caps that has a rip in it, and she puts on goggles, but the goggles only stay on for a few seconds.

Hailey also enjoys playing with her friends in the ward. We go to playgroup on Tuesday and Thursdays and after a short lesson about a letter, the kids play. She's beginning to get the concept of letters and sounds and knows that playgroup happens regularly during the week, but we're still a bit away from actually knowing the letters and their sounds.

We go to the devotional in the Marriott Center each Tuesday with Bruce and Hailey always points to the speaker and says, "Grandpa." We laugh because Scott does sit on the stage behind the speaker, but the people around us must think she's talking about the speaker which would make Elder Cecil Samuelson, Elder Neil Anderson, and other well-known individuals her grandpa. Haha.

Hailey has had some trouble sleeping so we were locking her in her room at bedtime, but we've made some progress and she now sleeps with the door unlocked. Still on the floor, rather than the toddler bed we made for her, but at least it's in her room. Yeah!



Bruce running from the swim to the transition area.

We travelled to St. George, UT to compete in the Kokopelli Triathlon on September 16. Bruce, Scott, and Ryan all did the Olympic distance race. Jen did the Sprint distance.


Eric, Lisa, and I did the Olympic relay race. Eric swam one mile, Lisa biked 20 miles, and I ran 6.2 miles. Eric and Lisa did awesome, but I ran sooooo slow. My belly has been getting fatter and I've been getting slower, but I was hoping to run the race between a 9:30 and 10 min/mile pace. I actually ran it in about an 11:15 min/mile pace. The only good news is that the doctor told me not to run the race because my core body temperature would get to high. He said that if it was 80 degrees or cooler, if I ran an 11 or 12 min/mile pace or if it was 3 miles instead of 6 miles, he would be okay with it- well, he got his wish. It was a bit above 80 degrees and I ran at his recommended pace (though not intentionally).

Bruce did well in his race. He wished he went faster on the run, but improved on his overall time from last year. His swim was 36.19min, his bike was 1 hour 13.54 min, and his run was 1 hour 4.02 min.


So far all is well with the unborn baby. I have a glucose test this week- hopefully I pass.

I’m still running three days a week with a friend from my ward. My pace has slowed some, but I just got a new belly bra and notice less strain when I wear it to run. I plan to run for about another month, and then take the last month off, but if I’m still feeling well, I might go until I deliver.