Friday, June 18, 2010

Colorado Visit

In the last month we've enjoyed a visit to Colorado, much progress in Hailey's development, a second job for Bruce, and other excitement.

We visited Colorado for Chis and Amanda Kuntz's wedding at the begging of June and were also able to enjoy some time with family. I was in the wedding party, so I attended many of the wedding events. Everything was beautiful-the wedding rehearsal, dinner, ceremony, and reception.

In addition to wedding activities, we installed an electric dog fence around the perimeter of the Waite's property and painted the living room wall green, purchased Hailey some cute clothes, and thoroughly enjoyed our time visiting.

Upon our return, Bruce was offered a job with a small business that manages the books for other companies. He has enjoyed the two weeks working. He works part time doing the book keeping at this new job and works part time doing lawn care with the family lawn business.
Bruce will be visiting the Ernst and Young Huston accounting office on July 30th to meet some of the people and get a feel for the office. If he likes the office then he can apply for an internship later in the year, which ideally leads to a position when he graduates. He's not committed, and will consider other firms and other locations, but we're excited that he will be able to visit the office before we commit to an internship.

I've found a good routine at home and have a number of projects that fill any free time, but I've stayed busy working at my job, or with lawn stuff. I am a substitute water auditor for Central Utah Water District and have worked a few days. It's the same job I had last summer, but this year I only work when one of the normal auditors is absent. It pays pretty well (which is why I'm doing it) and because it's not everyday, and usually not all day (we're finished whenever all our appointments are finished which is often before 5PM) it's a good fit. Hailey stays with Dad or Grandma on the days that I have to work. I also help Bruce mow when Lisa is able to watch Hailey, and often take her along when we do sprinkler work.
When I'm not working, I clean the house, do the laundry, cook dinner, work on sewing projects (a jacket for Hailey, a dress and a skirt for me), and whatever else comes my way.

Speaking of Hailey, she's growing up every day. About June 15th she showed us that she has mastered rolling from her back to her stomach. We knew she had rolled a few times before that but always when we were out of the room. Since going public with her skill, she is able to make quick a escapes during any diaper change.

On the same day she demonstrated her rolling skills she crawled. She's been scooching pretty efficiently for a while, but has mastered the coordinated movement of arms and legs while in a proper crawling position. It's made her more efficient at getting where she wants to go, but just a few days after crawling she came down with a fever and has been sleeping 20hour/day for the last day or two. When she recovers from the fever I'm sure she'll discover the true benefits of crawling.
One of her favorite pass times is standing at the coffee table, walking around the coffee table, and walking around the house while holding on my fingers. She's gaining control of her body and getting better at balancing, but we're still a bit away from walking. We're excited by her progress and increasing independence- she's so fun to play with and undoubtly will become more and more fun the older she gets.
Videos of Hailey to come.