Tuesday, August 30, 2011

May- August 2011

We've had an exciting summer.


In May we mowed and Bruce started Spring classes.


In June we mowed and Bruce finished Spring classes and started Summer classes.

I worked a few days doing water checks- I sub when people go out of town.

We saw Kevin and Laurel in Utah.

We enjoyed a vacation to Bear Lake with Bruce's extended family. The weather was poor at Bear Lake so we never actually got in the lake, but we enjoyed seeing Ben & Michelle's family, swimming, runs, tennis, and other activities. Canada, one of Bruce's cousins planned a family 10K which I ran in less than an hour. Not bad considering I'm generally a pretty slow runner and 3 months pregnant. :) Hailey loved the attention from all the cousins and 2nd cousins.


Bruce did a sprint triathlon in Utah Lake, in Provo, and did really well.

I chose a OB/GYN in Orem and saw him for my first visit. We had an ultrasound at the first visit and saw that baby is alive and well. I 'll be delivering at a different hospital than when I delivered Hailey because of a change in my insurance provider, but it's too many months out to really consider.

I taught the 2nd week Relief Society lesson and it seemed to go well.

We went swimming at Provo Rec Center often. We bought passes so we usually go twice a week. Hailey loves the water and jumped into the pool from the deck a few times in June.

Ryan, Bruce's brother returned from his LDS mission in Barcelona, Spain. I was particularly excited about this because it meant less mowing for me!



We spent the 4th of July in Tulluride, CO with Bruce's family, celebrate Ryan's homecoming. We enjoyed a hike to a waterfall, a gondola ride, swimming, church, and 4th of July celebrations. Hailey again enjoyed time with he cousins, and we all enjoyed hearing a bit about Ryan's mission. We attended the 4th of July Parade and watched an impressive fireworks show.

Two week later we had a family reunion with my family in Steamboat Springs, CO. We stayed in a condo near the ski slopes and enjoyed activities including mini golf, a human maze, swimming in the condo pool, riding the Alpine Slide, and watching the rodeo. It was fun to have the whole family together!

The rest of July passed as a blur with key events as follows:
A failed attempt to sell cotton candy and snow cones at the Mapleton 24th of July parade- we took a generator, but ran out of gas before we made any sales.
Braden Waite's wedding.
Triathlon training.



Bruce went to Disney World in Florida for an E&Y Intern Conference the first week of August. I was surprised how tired I was after taking care of Hailey all day without Bruce’s help, but all went well. Bruce enjoyed the conference overall. He stayed in a Disney Resort and was able to go to Disney World one afternoon. He bought Hailey a Baby Minnie which she loves.



One day while Bruce was gone, I was in the bathroom when I heard a familiar noise. At first I couldn't place the sound, but then it came to me- cracking eggs. I bolted for the kitchen to find Hailey squatting over half a dozen cracked eggs. I couldn't help but laugh. I bathed Hailey and mopped the floor and was glad that eggs are relatively cheap. She's really quite the kitchen helper.

The following week, Bruce took summer class finals and a welcomed three week break from classes began. We spent a few days of the break working on the footboard and side rails for our bed. The finished product is beautiful. IMGP1992

Someday we'll make matching nightstands, but for now our project budget is depleted.

I also started recovering our loveseat. I picked up some fabric at a Home Fabric store here and will recover the loveseat and the couch for our future living room.

My mom came out to visit in the middle of the break and we enjoyed a variety of activities with her.


Friday we did my grocery shopping and other errands.




Saturday we went to yard sales and then Eric joined us canoe the Provo River. That night Mom and Eric babysat Hailey so Bruce and I could celebrate our anniversary with dinner, a walk, and ice cream.


On Sunday we had church and dinner at Scott and Lisa's house.


Monday we stopped at the Down East Outfitter Clearance Center in West Valley City and stocked up on shirts. They have tons of shirts for $2.50, so whenever we go there I stock up. I also got stockings for Christmas. They have names embroidered on them (not our names, mind you), so I bought them knowing I would have to rip the names out, but they are nice (Pottery Barn), only $1.75 each, and saves me the trouble of making stockings.



We then drove to Layton to visit family. Jeff and Sherrie were also in town so we had a family dinner and enjoyed the time with everyone. Hailey loved the swing set in Grandma and Grandpa Waite’s backyard.

On Tuesday we attempted family photos (Hailey is a difficult subject. She’d rather climb on the rocks, run on the grass, and collect flowers than sit still and look at a camera).



Then we went to the Farm at Thanksgiving Point. Hailey enjoyed looking at the animals, loved climbing in and out of the window of the "Country Store," and had fun "planting" a garden. Her favorite activity was riding a pony. After the three circles around the arena she said, "More horse." Now she begs to watch"horse movies" which are 3 min videos of horses on YouTube. She also loves looking at the picture of her riding the horse at Thanksgiving Point. We get horse books from the library, make note when we drive by a horse, and otherwise humor her new obsession. Tuesday afternoon Eric watched Hailey while Bruce, Mom, and I went to the temple. That night we went to DQ for ice cream.



Wednesday morning we attempted family picture again with little better success. Mom left mid-morning and Bruce and I went to Mapleton to work on a sprinkler installation job. We rototilled, trenched, and spent Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday installing the sprinklers.

Classes started for Bruce on Monday and life has formed a new routine. Bruce spend most of most days at school either working, studying, or in class. Hailey and I go for lunch with Dad two days a week, have preschool two days a week, go to library story time once a week. We clean house, shop, work on projects, and go for long walks (Hailey loves to push her stroller, so we travel very slowly and stop to pick flowers, dandelions, sticks, rocks, or anything else that catches her interest) in the remaining time.