Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life as Usual with BONUS: McKayla Laughs

Scrapbook Paper11
McKayla is growing quickly. She’s taken a liking to her Johnny Jump-Up toy and can maneuver it quite well. She is a master roller (front to back, hasn’t mastered the other direction yet). She’s a happy baby and particularly easy-going when she gets a morning and afternoon nap. She smiles often and LOVES to be tickled. Bruce and I have been trying to get the laugh since the beginning of February and didn’t get a giggle from her until early March. It’s a pretty funny laugh, some sort of grunting, snorting noise.
Hailey love to help with McKayla, sometime by covering McKayla’s mouth when she’s crying, or trying to lift McKayla onto her lap… which aren’t helpful, after all. Hailey is also learning some of her letter pretty well. She can recognize an “H” for Hailey, a “B” for Bruce, and “R” for Rachel, an “M” for McKayla, and an “E” for Emma (her friend). All we need to do now is find someone she knows for each letter of the alphabet.
Hailey love to read book and tires us with her frequent request. She memorizes the library books about as quickly as we do, and she can recite or “read” her favorites to us. It’s pretty cute.
We’re all excited for the warm weather to come and stay. Some of our favorite activities outside are feeding the ducks at the BYU duck pond, playing at one of the parks near our house, going for walks, and Hailey enjoys riding her tricycle.
Bruce is just finishing classes- 3 more weeks- and I am staying busy watching the girls, packing boxes, recovering the couch, and scrapbooking.