Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Photos and Blog Entry for December 10, 2009

Rachel and Hailey Sleeping on the Couch
Hailey's Hungry Face

Hailey and Daddy Snuggling

Last week we were lucky enough to have Grandma Waite in town. She was an absolute lifesaver! I went to class as usual and Bruce had a busy week of class and preparation for presentations.

Sunday Bruce and I went to church while Grandma stayed home with Hailey. The doctors recommend that you minimize exposure the first few weeks, and since Grandma was here and it was possible, we figured we would follow their advice. They didn't announce the new baby in sacrament meeting, and since she wasn't with us most people were unaware, or were unsure if I had delivered, or if I was just hiding it well, or something anyway because when I announced it in Relief Society I got a number of confused and suprised looks.

On Monday evening Grandma watched Hailey so Bruce and I could go choose a Christmas Tree. Bruce insists on real trees, so we have the adventure of exploring the Christmas tree lots in search of perfection. Actually, we weren't too particular and ended up with a full, but short tree this year. We assume that our years of "quick picks" will come to a end as soon as we have a kid old enough to help choose. :)

On Tuesday I didn't have class so I collected some data for my research, studied, and ran some errands with Grandma. Bruce camped out with his team most of the day preparing for his presentation.

Wednesday was like Monday, full of classes and intermittent feedings.

Thursday was the final day of classes for the semester. I didn't have any classes, so I went to the midwife- who said my tiny tear from the delivery (not even big enough for stitches) is healing well, that my baby is adorable, and that I'm doing fine. Then Mom and I went shopping. In the afternoon I had a short class, then we all went to the bookstore. Hailey started fussing in the bookstore so I took her to the car to feed her. When Bruce and Mom finished at the bookstore, Bruce drove us to Brick Oven for dinner while I changed Hailey's diaper in the dark (I didn't want to distract him while he was driving). Hailey deposited a little gift on my lap while her diaper was off, but with the lights out, I did not notice until I was in the restaurant. I went to the bathroom where I scrubbed the poop off my pants the best I could and went back to the table for dinner. We all had a good laugh about it and enjoyed dinner.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 2 of Life: December 3, 2009

The delivery went well and I was feeling great, so we went home Thursday evening and spent Friday in the comfort of our own apartment. Grandma Waite watched Hailey while I went to class, and in the afternoon we did some shopping at WalMart and went to Scott and Lisa's house.

Hailey's Birth

I went ot the midwife for a routine visit at 40 weeks and they referred me to the hospital for a routine fetal non-stress test to confirm that baby was healthy and well. The test showed some abnormal heart beat patterns, which the doctor said was probably nothing, but just to be safe, they would induce me. So we rode the scooter back to our apartment, packed our bags, got in the car, and drove to the hospital. They began the induction around 1 pm (after a small annoyance that we were not preregistered at the hospital). Bruce and I impatiently passed the time with TV and card games, until the contractions started. I had considered birthing without pain medicine, but hadn't done anything to prepare, and after the pitocin kicked in and contractions started, I opted for the epidural. All went well thereafter.

Mom's plane arrived early the next day and a family friend picked her up from the airport. She stayed in the hospital with us for a few hours until I was cleared to go home.


Day 1 of Life: Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hailey Elizabeth Sommerfeldt
Born December 2, 2009
10:28 PM
7lb 9 oz
19.5 inches

Grandma Waite with Hailey at the Hospital

Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy, Busy, No Baby.

Class and Baby
Monday and Tuesday we had class. Tuesday we visited the midwife. Baby sounded normal and I measured just a little dilated. They stripped my membranes which can cause you to go into labor… nice thought, but no such luck. Wednesday night I had some good contractions Tuesday night and we thought that I might go into labor but the contractions stopped. I went for a run to try and get them going again, but Hailey is a little too free-spirited for that nonsense so I closed the evening by baking Bruce pies.

With a short week of school Bruce and I were able to get quite a few projects completed.
The baby hammock and stand with a sugar baby for the test run.

Baby Hammock
Bruce designed a hammock stand and we bought parts for it and built it. He sanded, stained, and varnished it while I made the fabric portion of the hammock. The stand is designed so it will break down and store neatly or transport. Hopefully Opal will love it because I do! I made the greenish-blue curtains and amended the brown ones so they would hang the same way.


Months ago we bought material to make new curtains but I never actually got them sewn, so over the break I finally tackled the project and finished the living room curtains.


Painting the table black is another project that we started, but put on hold. Bruce sanded and painted the orange half of the table, so it now matches its other half. We still have a few orange chairs to sit under our black table, but we’ll finish those up soon.


I dehydrated some apples from Scott and Lisa’s tree. They are delicious.

Diaper Bag

Lisa (mother-in-law) is making Hailey a quilt and had some quilting squares left over so she gave them to me. I’m working on a diaper bag. It’s close to finished, but not quite, so I’ll post pictures when it’s finished.

Research Participants

Bruce and his childhood friend Mark Jensen were my research participants over the break. Bruce was really ornery- he provided lots of suggestions about how I could make the study better, none of which were useful- but Mark behaved and their participation allowed me to get a little closer to finished.

On Thursday, Bruce played in a Turkey Bowl in his parents ward while I watched, then we went to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving dinner with Bruce’s extended family. Bruce and I both played in a Turkey Bowl with the family.

On Friday night we went to the BYU football fireside. It was fun to see 200+ lb linebackers play the violin, and the whole team sing- unique talents for football players. (Not to be stereotypical….). The team puts on a fireside before every game, so the next time they play in your area you should attend. The fireside Friday was a good introduction for the big game on Saturday.
BYU played the University of Utah. BYU was ahead by 14 at the half, but Utah made a comeback and put the game into overtime. Utah scored 3 points in overtime, and then BYU made a touchdown to win the game. After the play the stadium erupted. Bruce grabbed my hand and we ran onto the field with thousands of other people. Bruce says that we can tell Opal that she got to storm the field. It was really cool! And because the crowd was so wild, traffic was light on the ride home, and we didn’t have to cruise past everyone on the left like we usually do after the game. (Don’t worry, we only do it on the side streets where traffic is stopped waiting to turn left. When we get on the busy streets we abide by the traffic laws).

BYU Football Field (We're somewhere near the goal post on the right)

Hopefully we’ll have a baby this week. I’ll post pictures when she gets here.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kevin, Bruce's brother, was at BYU doing some recruiting for the accounting firm he works for last week, so we had him bring us some vinyl (His wife has a vinyl cutting machine). We put Haliey's name on the wall and embellished it with cute flowers. Thanks Kevin and Laurel! And with that addition, Hailey's room is finished.
Some cold weather blew in for a few days and we only have single pane windows so it was hard to keep the apartment warm so I took some blankets from our collection and hung them in the windows. It seems to have worked pretty well- between the blanket, the blinds, and the curtains the window is at least better insulated. And the whole experience is a good reminder why we NEVER install single-pane windows.
Bruce had two volleyball games this week. The normal intramural season ended last week, so both games this week were tournament games. They won the first, which qualified them for the second. They also won the second, so after the Thanksgiving break he'll have another game. They have to win 4 games to win the championship. They aren't that good so we probably have another game or two before they are eliminated, but we'll see.
Friday I went to Salt Lake for a meeting and then went shopping at an outlet store.I picked up a couple shirts for a great deal and enjoyed the outing. When I arrived home the office/Hailey's room was full of boys. Bruce's accounting group had come to work on an assignment. One of the guys informed me that my husband is a genius. (I already knew this of course) Bruce used the program while he was serving in the office on his mission and his familiarity allowed him to work much faster and help the others with they assignment. The group returned Saturday morning to resume the party and topped the ordeal with pizza. Not a bad trade-off.
Football, Battery, Dinner
We sent the team home around 1PM so we could make it to the BYU-Air Force game. BYU won. One of Bruce's mission companions drove from CO for the game and was going to join us for dinner. We had about an hour between the game and when Ryan would come over, so we studied for a half hour and then went to have the car battery checked (we've had some trouble getting the car to start-especially on cold mornings. It's not a big problem since we have the scooter, but it could make going to the hospital more memorable) and stop and the store. AutoZone tested the battery and confirmed that it needs to be replaced. The test took any juice the battery had and the car wouldn't start. We tried to push start it (Bruce has push started cars more so he drove while another guy -who offered to help- and I pushed, but we couldn't push fast enough so then Bruce tried to push and I tried to start it) but couldn't get it to start. The guy who helped us push pulled his car over and we jumped the battery. Because of the unstable nature of the battery, I sat in the car while Bruce ran into the store, and we made it back to our house just as Ryan Norris (the mission companion) arrived. We enjoyed a dinner and a short visit with Ryan and finished the evening with homework, TV, and sleeping on the couch (that's what I do while Bruce watched TV and does homework).
With delivery just around the corner, I've been trying to get my research finished. I was able to finish the data collection for a few participants (half of the subjects are finished) and recruited a few more. I applied to present at the Undergraduate Research Conference which will be held in St. George in February.Rachel 38.5 weeks
Hailey behaves most of the time and I don't even notice that I'm pregnant until I try to run (I can manage a slow trot but I look retarded and get sore, so for the last 2 weeks I've avoided it) or look down at the bulging belly. Bruce thinks she'll be born Monday, November 23 (He wants her to be born then so she can go to the last football game of the season- BYU vs UofU, on Saturday). I think she'll be born on Dec 8th (it's more convenient if she's a week overdue because then I only miss the last 2 days of class and have "reading days" to study). So depending on when she's born, we'll know who her favorite parent.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby Name

Opal's Crib

Congrats to Sarah on delivering this morning!

This last week was test week for Bruce which means he doesn’t have class but he takes a test on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s nice because his schedule is more flexible, but also means lots of tests for him. Overall he reports they went well. Scores won't be available for a few weeks.

Our week was generally uneventful.

Monday and Wednesday Bruce and I both had tests.

Tuesday we studied most of the day with a break for devotional. I had a midwife appointment. She said I'm getting fatter and everything looks normal. We went to Home Depot, maybe our favorite store, and bought the part to finish the crib (actually, we bought the metal piece that is used on the corner of drywall and pounded it into the crib). The piece works great and when it was assembled we put all the bedding on the crib. It is darling. Bruce bought a whiteboard last weekend and we cut the board to fit in the office. We also cut a board for the kitchen. I'm going to make the board in the kitchen cute with ribbon or something.

Wednesday night I used the dehydrator Bruce got for my birthday to dry some mangoes. They turned our good, but I should have taken them out an hour or two earlier so they would be a touch softer.

Thursday we studied most of the day again. Bruce had a volleyball game. He's playing on a co-ed team with people from the ward and enjoys it. I played with a 2 year-old little girl in the ward while her parents played volleyball and was reminded that toddlers are way cooler than babies. :)

Friday Bruce took a test, I went to class and worked on my research project. We went to the temple, had dinner, and went to JoAnn's Fabric store to spend my birthday money from Mom. I was going to get a rotary cutter and board but had a moment of indecision because I'm not sure if I'll use it enough to justify the purchase. But, I got some thread, pins, and a corner rounder for scrapbooking and when I make a decision I'll finish the spending.

Saturday I had a baby shower with Bruce's relatives and a few of my friends. Opal got some cute clothes and a few toys, and I really enjoyed the event. Bruce cleaned the whole apartment and the car, and exchanged my BYU sweatshirt at the bookstore while I was gone. He's wonderful. He watched the BYU game while I wrote Thank You notes. (Bruce would like me to note that BYU won 52-0 against Wyoming). That night we walked to the local park to watch the stars and burn old checkbooks. As you might guess, one of those activities was more fun than the other.

Hailey Elizabeth Sommerfeldt

We officially announced that we'll call the baby Hailey when she is born. Please continue to refer to her as Opal until then. Just kidding, call her whatever you want. I reckon she'll be stuck with Opal forever, even if she has another name. On that note, Bruce and I decided that we are ready for Hailey to be born. She's been cookin' for a while and we reckon she would probably like living with us, not just in me, and I've heard you have a lot of control over those sort of things.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Week

Our Pumpkins- Note the "Opal" Pumpkin that Bruce made for the fetus.

Rachel Carving her Pumpkin

Bruce and I have had a good week with some fun to break the monotony of school

Carved Pumpkins

Monday Bruce surprised me with a pumpkin carving FHE. We had a lot of fun and even carved "Opal" into one so she wouldn't feel left out.


I registered for classes early in the week and Bruce was able to register later in the week. Registration date is determined by the number of credit hours you have, so I was able to register first. I am registered for ceramics for non-majors, nutrition through the life cycles, abnormal psychology, a couple information systems classes, and public speaking. :) Bruce's registration was a little more eventful since he's taking real classes. He set an alarm for midnight the night he could register so he could choose his class time and his teachers. It's a good thing he sacrificed the sleep because by 12:15 the class was completely filled.
Birthday and PaintingBruce Painting the Ceiling in Opal's Room

On Friday we celebrated my 22nd birthday. Bruce got me an Under Armor BYU sweatshirt and a food dehydrator. Super excited to use both. We studied and I had class in the morning, then enjoyed lunch out, and painted Opal's room in the evening. I don't remember if I've explained landlord's opposition and the eventual consent on behalf of the baby, but the short version is, we were originally told we could not paint and then the management said we could if it was a neutral, approved color. We even got to choose the color. The room looks great- it's brown and even looks okay with the orange carpet, if that's possible.

Football, Study, Party, and Date
Saturday we finished painting. Bruce bought a white board from Home Depot, which is actually a piece of hardware intended for something else, but it's erasable like a white board. He'll install it in the office to enhance his studying. Mid-morning Bruce played football with some of the guys for high school. Bruce played QB for one of the games and made some incredible 50-yd passes for touchdowns. I didn't witness the throws because I left early to go to a baby shower for a sister in the ward, but he said they were pretty good plays. In the afternoon we pretended to study and fell asleep on the couch instead. Although, for a change, Bruce was more tired than I was, so I got to wake him up after he had slept for an hour. That night we stopped by the ward Halloween party, stayed about 10 min and then went to the store to get doughnuts and chocolate milk to have eat during a thrilling date watching Ronald Dahl's Witches on TV.

Bruce Assembling Opal's crib

Today we brought Opal's crib to our apartment (we've been storing it at the Sommerfeldt's) and set it up... mostly. We stripped one of the screws so our final assembly is on hold until we can cut the screw off and buy a replacement. But, the room is so cute! We have bear bedding (bumpers, headboard, sheets, a pink and a blue quilt) and wall hanging which look great with the new paint! Thanks for the crib and accessories Mom! I'll post pictures when we get it the crib assembled.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rachel at ~28 weeks (I don't really remember)

Rachel at 34 weeks


The last month has been eventful enough that I should have been writing more frequently, but I will do my best to cover to big events that have transpired without carrying on forever.


Life continues on as normal for us.

Class demands most of Bruce’s time, but he is really enjoying the material. My classes are going fine- hopefully the grades are equally optimistic when the semester is over.

I see the midwife once every 2 weeks and so far everything appears to be normal. As Opal’s due date approaches I get fatter (see photos) and parenting seems to become more of a reality- scary.

Last week was the final mow of the season, so our income again declines (my seasonal job ended October 1 and without lawns Bruce is officially unemployed as well), but we have a little more time.

We are enjoying our new ward. Bruce plays basketball with some of the guys twice a week and I enjoy visits from my visiting teachers. I should be more involved in the ward Relief Society activities, but it’s hard to sacrifice the little time I have with Bruce to go to activities, so for now my primary interactions are in church.

Some of the other major events of the last month are outline below.


Bruce has the rest of this year and then either one or two more years until he graduates. He will apply for the Master’s program at the end of this year and if accepted, will need to 2 years to graduate with his Masters, otherwise he’ll be done with his Bachelors after one year.

I will be going to school full time next semester, but do not need any classes to graduate (meaning I could graduate in December, but it’s cheaper for me to be a student) so I’ll take some classes just for interest. It almost seems like a sin to not take upper level courses and get my money’s worth, but I’m excited to get a basic understanding of some topics outside my major. I’m considering a computer science class, an upper level nutrition class, and a couple others, just for fun.

I’ve decided not to apply to the University of Utah’s Occupational Therapy program. The reasons are many and varied, from expense (tuition + daycare + commute Salt Lake everyday), to time, to timing (Bruce would have to wait nearly a year for me to finish my degree). I’d still like to be an OT and would like to consider a program when Bruce lands his first job, but for now it’s on hold.


Opal’s doing well, so far as we can tell. I’m down to a month and a week, but we’ll see when she actually comes. A week late and I’ll be finished with classes, 2 weeks early and I can deliver over the Thanksgiving break. Feel free to motivate her to come at either of those convenient times. She moves a lot and makes me move slower, but doesn’t bother me too much otherwise. One exception- we went on a date to the BYU bowling alley and I bowled a 40. I blame Opal.


I’ve decided that one baby can’t create an entire day of work so I’m looking for a job that will let me work from home to fill the rest of the day. The supplemental income would be nice, and it should give me something to do after I graduate. If you hear of any valid work-from-home positions or have any great home business ideas, feel free to submit them. They will be reviewed by the committee.


We're cheap and Bruce was shaggy so I cut his hair. He's a good sport, but it didn't look as good as his hair dresser cuts it. Nonetheless, it will do, and it was a fun Friday night project.

Technology Updates

Bruce’s New Laptop

Bruce’s laptop stopped recognizing the AC power source or charging the battery a few months ago. We’ve accepted the need to replace it, but haven’t rushed the purchase, but after the Dell Outlet sent Bruce a 20% off coupon he decided to put his remaining birthday money towards a new laptop. It arrived earlier this week and Bruce has enjoyed the installation, transfer, and exploration process. This week he acquired Microsoft Word and has rights to use it on two computers, so I benefited with an upgrade on my computer.

Windows 7

In addition to the computer purchase, we upgraded to Windows 7 (great student discount). As with the computer, Bruce has really enjoyed discovering some of the quick tricks and features of Window 7 on our desktop, and in a few weeks he will receive a complimentary upgrade for his laptop, so he’ll be able to use it there also.

Home Improvement Projects


Our table is currently culturally diverse. We decided to paint it black (middle color), but have been busy with other things so only portions are complete. The leaf is the desired color, the left is the original color, and the right is the base color. Right now it's half black, half orange. Not to worry, it's very function in this state.


When we moved in I made blue curtains from $1 fabric at WalMart (the dollar rack worked out well for the bedroom curtains, but the living room showed a lot light and looked cheap). So, we started looking for something more classy. We visited JCPenny and found a color and a design we liked, but not a price to match it, so we set it aside until we had time again and then stopped at WalMart, JoAnn’s, Target, and who knows where else. We found some sheer at JoAnn’s for cheap in the right color, and found a solid to coordinate with it. We left it overnight to look for coupons and consider the purchase. The next day we bought the material and we were pleasantly surprised to see the material both ring up at $1/yd, rather than the expected $4/yd! I have begun (in a very small way) making the curtains and eventually, I’ll make pillow covers for the couch throw pillows from the same material.

With the accent color acquired, all we needed was the brown curtains and we were finished. We were looking for lined curtains to try to make the apartment a little warmer, but they were all $30+ for one panel- a little out of budget. We stopped at Big Lots to look for a decorative curtain rod and found some lined brown curtains which were a little more affordable. We got them (but should have waited because a week later they went on sale and we could have saved $6), paid more than I would like for the whole acquisition, but have the potential or a very pretty curtain setup.


Another project that I’ve begun is stiffening the couches. We have beautiful chocolate couches, but when I study on them I feel like I sink in the cushions- great for sleeping, but not great for just sitting. I read about some places online where you can order new foam for the cushions- it’s neat, you can choose they firmness of the foam and they measure and cut it for you- but it’s kind of expensive for something that is mostly personal preference, not a matter of necessity. So I did some additional reading and found that you can use foam from anywhere. I checked for a futon, thinking I could use the foam from it at a low-cost, found one, and now need to experiment with the change. Hopefully my $10 purchase firms the couch, but if not, we have a futon for any visitors.


Since we don’t have enough other home improvement projects going we decided to try to paint. We like paint. We think paint makes rooms look pretty and white makes them look ugly. In our last apartment we painted and asked for forgiveness and it worked out well, but since we live in a much smaller complex and know the landlord a little more intimately we figured we should try a different approach. So, I called to ask if we could paint. She said she would talk to her husband. I called back a few days later and she no, we could not- they had bad experiences with previous residents. I conceded, but when they were at the complex later that week I invited her to look at the extra room. The ceiling has some sort of smoke stain or something and overall the paint is pretty old. She agreed it could use some new paint and said we could choose a neutral color for the room. We got some paint chips, chose our favorites, had her approve one, and are planning to paint with her next Friday and Saturday. We’re excited, and especially excited about being allowed to paint color (rather than white)!

A Particularly Eventful Day


Friday was an eventful day. We had class, I did some research, and the day went normally. We went to the temple in the afternoon to do sealing’s and I got a little warm, did some swaying, at which time (according to Bruce, I don’t remember anything) Bruce grabbed my arm and one of the older gentlemen jumped out of his seat and stood behind me to catch me if I fell. I passed out but came-to pretty quickly, so besides making the older men fret over me for the next half hour, it was fine.


Later that evening Bruce had a moment almost as cool as passing out in the temple. He was laying in his hammock in the computer room (they hang from hooks we screwed into the studs) when he suddenly dropped the 4 inches to the ground. We investigated the damage (particularly important since we’re not sure how management feels about ¼ inch holes in the wall) and found screws from the hook broken deep in the wall. Yesterday he patched over the remnant and it’s hardly noticeable now. No pictures of Bruce, but here's my Brazilian hammock.