Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Piano Guys Concert

For Mother's Day, Bruce bought me tickets to the Piano Guys concert. We went with some friends from church, the Torbit's and really enjoyed the evening.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Rainy Season in Houston

In Houston sometimes it rains..... and rains.... and rains, and then it floods. Bruce made it to work safely, but he passed some stalled cars, and saw these flooded roadways.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Entryway Suprise

While I was vacationing in Colorado, Bruce was hard at work on a surprise back home. He redecorated the entryway, complete with board and batten up the stairs, new paint, an entry table, and mirror. He said it was intense painting with the top of the entry, but the end product is beautiful! And he didn't once let on what he was us to, so I was completely surprised.

Ladder extended for painting

Painting up the stairs

Board and batten and painted door

The fuel...

More board and batten progress

Bachelor food

Finished stairs
Finished entryway

Friday, September 5, 2014

Vacation to Colotado & Utah

On August 20 Bruce and I celebrated our 6th anniversary over dinner. Thank you to Kevin and Laurel for watching our girls.
The next day, the girls and I loaded up and drove to Colorado. The drive was uneventful.
We enjoyed time with Grandma and Grandpa Waite and with the Merritt cousins. Bruce flew to Colorado and enjoyed a few days in Colorado before we drove to Utah.

 Yard Work
Waite Landscape
Mom recently added dirt to create a flower bed in her backyard, but needed all the sprinklers moved out of the flower bed so Bruce and I did a bit of digging and almost finished the project. :)

Grandparent Time

McKayla watching as Grandpa tickles Hailey
The girls loved attention from grandparents, including tickles, and became a little more comfortable with Yogi, the giant dog.

Train Ride

One of the most memorable activities was riding the train at North Lake Park. The trains stalled, so we all had to get out the the train and walk back to the train station. We had fun playing on the park while we waited for it to be repaired.

Train Ticket

McKayla, Eliza, Hailey, Alayna, and Parker beside the train

Sarah's stake has an annual carnival with games and food. We joined the fun and played carnival games and at the park. Hailey and Eliza paired off and did all the booths and loved the independence.

Grandpa and Grandma swinging McKayla
Hailey spinning at the park

McKayla trying to spin at the park

Emily playing at the park
Paddle boarding at Boyd Lake

Paddle boarding. Heather, Bruce, Hailey, and McKayla
In Utah we bought and canned Utah peaches to take home to Texas, went to the Bean Museum of Life Science and the Dinosaur Museum at BYU, biked at Grandpa and Grandma's house, picnicked at Payson Lakes, visited familiar places in Provo, and went swimming.

McKayla, Hailey, and Grandma at the Dinosaur museum

Emily, Hailey, Grandpa, Grandma, and McKayla (hidden behind Grandma) on the backyard swing set at Sommerfeldt's house
Riding Bikes
Hailey recently learned to ride a bike in Texas, so we showed Grandpa and Grandma. She required a bit of assistance with the unfamiliar bike, but was proud to show what she's learned.
McKayla riding the tricycle

Hailey showing she can ride a bike. Grandpa helping her get started.
 Picnic at Payson Lakes
We enjoyed a lunch and a walk around the lake one afternoon. All the local family, John & Mackenzie,  and Ryan, Jen, and Jack joined us.
Hailey at Payson Lake

McKayla throwing rocks
 500 N 800 E APT #4, Provo, UT
The apartment where we lived while at BYU- that we brought Hailey and McKayla home to after they were born, and had many more adventures as residents.

Bruce and Hailey in front of the apartment in Provo where we lived while we were at BYU
 Provo Recreation Center Swimming
As we left Provo, they began building a recreation center. We went swimming at the pool and were very impressed with the facilities.
McKayla, Emily, and Grandma Lisa swim

Bruce climbing the rock wall

Rachel climbing the rock wall
 It's always sad and happy to leave family and return home.