Saturday, May 1, 2010

Half Marathon

Today I ran the Provo City Half Marathon.
Jessica and Rachel before the race

Just blocks away from the starting line it started raining and only let up for a few miles just after the 5 mile mark. Thankfully it wasn't pouring, but we were wet early in the race and didn't dry out, ever. My training partner, Jessica Anderson (our home teacher's wife) and I ran together for all but the last mile, when I couldn't keep up with her. I sent her ahead, but kept running and came in about a minute after her. At 2 hours and 4 minutes which works out to about a 9:30 minute mile. I was pleasantly surprised with the time because in our training we usually run about a 10 minute mile.
Bruce and Jessica's husband Burke saw us off at the start, cheered for us at the 5 and 10 mile marks and met us at the finish line. It was fun to have a little cheering squad. Hailey also cheered for us at the 5, 10 mile, and finish line. When I saw her at the finish line she was in the front pack with a blanket wrapped around her, drenched hair and a smile for her Mom despite the cool temperatures.
They had breakfast at the finish line but we were cold, wet, and tired, so we drove home (all 5 blocks) and after a warm shower, had breakfast with the Anderson's at our apartment.

Rachel crossing the finish line
Rachel and Jessica finished
Good experience.